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Google Maps and Apple's Maps seem to be the most popular mapping apps out there, but they aren't our only choices for getting around.

Waze has an interesting, crowd-sourced, social approach to driving directions. You still plug in your starting point and destination, but after that the social aspect kicks in.

Other Waze users can report traffic delays, speed traps, debris in the road and more. The more you use Waze, the more points you can rack up, which unlocks different avatars you can use.

You can also quickly find nearby gas stations (w/pricing) which can come in handy when you're in a new place.

It has some "safety measures" build in, like you can't change directions while the car is in motion.

One of the cooler tricks is that if you need to pick someone up, you can send them a location request, and once they respond, they can track where you are and your ETA.

The app is free and appears on both iphone and droid.

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Footpath is an app that allows you to map out a walking route, jogging path, or hike. You simple find the area that you want to get around in, then you can draw with your finger your proposed route. Footpath will snap to any available road or trail to map out your path.

To prepare for any heartbreak hills, the app will also let you know about elevation.

The app is .99 and is available for both iPhone and Droid. You can also upgrade for an additional 1.99 to save unlimited maps and for some minor other upgrades.

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I think we've all had that experience where we park our car and then can't remember where we parked it, or how long we have on the meter.

Along comes Honk, an iPhone app that solves this problem.

Honk can help you find parking lots, or help you once you find street parking. With a swipe of a finger you can set how long you have before the meter maids can descend on you.

You can also take photos of the surroundings and even leave little notes on the photo to help you find it.

Of course there's a map that will also lead you back home.

The app will also show you a countdown of how many minutes are left on the meter, and will even send you alerts if you want them. The app sells for 99 in the iTunes store.

For more information on Honk click here: HONK

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