LAFAYETTE, California (KUSA) --Early Thursday morning, Roy Ortiz was driving to work when the world literally crumbled underneath his car.

He went nose first into the rising flood waters and was trapped, fearing the worst.

He could not get out of the car, but managed to find his way to the back seat where he found a small pocket for him to breathe.

Ortiz thinks he was there for about two hours until rescuers arrived.

"I feel like two hours is an eternity," Ortiz said.

Ortiz says he heard commotion outside, so he swam under water to wave his hand by the window.

"When I hear those people, I feel happy," Ortiz said.

"For him to be able to find that one air pocket inside the car is amazing," said John Cook of North Metro Fire Rescue, "For the air to last that long is nothing short of a miracle."

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