LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Kids are gearing up for school. Many go back next week. A church group is making sure 200 low-income children have what they need to carry their school supplies and their hopes for the future...

Mid-afternoon on a hot, sticky day in August -- kids line the fence outside this Jesus Party headquarters -- deep in the city of Lewiston.

"It doesn't matter where you live. You can always be a success," saysSonia Taylor."And that is our message."

Sonia Taylor and Rev. Doug Taylor have run this children's chapel below their home for 19 years.

"See you later! Trevor, how are you doing buddy?"

Trevor the first grader says he'll use the bag to carry his school supplies. "Of course. And I am going to be going right to school."
But before he goes 'right to school,' they're enjoying popsicle and popcorn. It's part a big donation from Communication Technologies INC.

"This is the generation that we need help," says the owner of CTI, Tim Hiltz. "That's what we do."

And Mom says she hadn't yet bought a backpack.

"It's good for the kids. It's good for the community. I think it helps... I think it helps a lot."

In addition to children's prayer service every Friday... the Jesus Party says they've taken teens on field trips for jobs and community service so the teens can become more involved.

"There's a generational problem here and it just continues. And we're hoping to break that. Just by example. That's all it is. It's by example."

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