FALMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --Many people along the Maine coast remember Raw Faith --the home-built sailing vessel that sank in 2010 off the coast of Massachusetts.

The boat and her builder had become highly controversial among the state's sailing community, and the sinking appeared to end the story. But now a new documentary film is recounting the story, and trying to shed more light on the man at the center of the storm, George McKay.

Greg Roscoe of Falmouth says he was drawn to McKay's story, which he calls "powerful", in 2008. Roscoe says he followed the project closely from then until the sinking.

Roscoe says McKay and Raw Faith became a "lightning rod" for criticism, even though McKay was pursuing what the producer considers an admirable goal. Raw Faith was built to take handicapped people sailing, the idea inspired for McKay by his own disabled daughter. but Roscoe says McKay "over reached" in his passion for the project, and ultimately lot everything. And Roscoe admits "this film does not have a Disney ending."

Roscoe says the film debuted a the Maine International Film Festival,and is booked for a festival this fall in Massachusetts. He has held several screenings so far, and has another scheduled for this Sunday, August 25 at he Frontier Cafe in Brunswick.

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