Brett Whitmarsh takes a look at the things trending in Maine this week:

We're kicking off with a little 207photo galleries love. Both Michael Phelps and the Goldenrod have been booming on our website. Combined the two photo galleries have clicked on over 15,000 times. So if you've missed them at all, check them out!


Speaking of what Mainer's are clicking on, the most viewed video by folks in Maine this week on YouTube was of a engineering sophomore at Georgia tech who gave a passionate speech to incoming freshman about all the possibilities allowed to them at their school. I don't think they were expecting this:

Another big story, for tech nerds like you is that Yahoo beat Google! There is this service that tracks how well websites do and in the the month of Jukym Yahoo was doing 2 percent better than Google. Yahoo's CEO Marrissa Mayer has been making some major changes and they appear to be working for them:

I've been listening to a lot of Dolly Parton this week. About a year ago someone took Dolly Parton's classic hit "Jolene" and slowed it down 25%. Now before I play the new version, let's listen to the classic:


Now the slowed down version was posted over a year ago, but suddenly this week everyone is talking about it. Now usually these kinds of things are very hit or miss, but this one is rather impressive. It sounds like a whole different approach to the song. Let's listen:

Slowed Down:

There is also concern over how social media is hurting the greeting card industry. An article in the New York Times reports that greeting cards are down in sales by 60% and a lot of that has to do with people opting to send text messages, ecards, or simply posting on each other's Facebook accounts or tweeting out a birthday. The author of the article even mentions that he did not even receive one birthday card this year, but instead a flurry of electronic messages.

Read the article here:

And finally: Dueling Banjos. Today, the website Funny or Die posted a video I've seen being shared all over the place. Steve Martin and Kermit the frog re-enact the famed Dueling Banjos scene with their own twist. Take a look:

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