BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Scared,alone, and begging for her life. Court documents released Thursday paint a graphic picture of the last moments of one of the three victim's in last year's Bangor triple homicide. Those documents were releasedThursday at Penobscot County Superior court-- where the two suspects in this case, Nicholas Sexton and Randall Daluz were asking for separate trials.

According to the documents, Randal Daluz told police Nicholas Sexton picked him up in the white Pontiac and once Daluz was in the car he realized the two men inside were dead.

In the court documents, Daluz gives an interview with detectives where he claims Sexton shot the two male victims Daniel Borders and Lucas Tuscano andleft ahysterical Lugdon in the back seat.

Daluz told police "Lugdon started saying "he's going to kill me; he's going to kill me." Daluz stated at this point he looked over to the male seated in the rear and observed a hole in his head."

The document goes on "Daluz stated that Sexton "leans over and then he shoots her. Pretty close." When asked to describe her position when this happened, he stated that she was sitting upright and Sexton leaned over and shot Lugdon from the front seat."

These accounts were told by Daluz there are some conflicting accounts from other jailhouse informants John Harmon a former cell mate of Daluz told police Daluz admitted to killing the last victim.

We also learned that police recovered two separate guns. Tests show one of the guns was connected to the bullet recovered from Lugdon's body. The judge will make a decision on whether the two men will have a separate trial next month. The judge can decide to try both men with one jury, have one trial with two jury pools, or two completely separate trials. Either way the trials are expected to begin next April or May.

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