(207) This week in 207's What's Trending: a look at a local photo blog, a fan made Breaking Bad/Star Trek crossover, a Google Map that' bigger on the inside and a new video app from the YouTube founders.

Let's start with Todd Burges who has an interesting take on the photo blog, one like I've never seen before. He takes snaps of iconic Maine shots through a mason jar.

Todd tells me that it started early this summer after he and his sister were talking about the many uses of mason jars. Todd's sister challenged him to take a photography with a mason jar and the rest became history. Since then he has not seen anyone else doing it and the blog has become very popular. He's entered his photography in an art festival where he got first place, sold a print to President Bush, and will be featured in the September issue of Downeast Magazine.

Next up, a video where two worlds that would never have combined before last Sunday: Breaking Bad and classic Star Trek. Not two worlds you'd expect to come together. This past Sunday, Breaking Bad debuted it's final season to over 5 million viewers. In it, there was a funny scene where one character talked about an episode of Star Trek he always wanted to write. Now the scene was okay, but less than 12 hours after it aired, a very passionate fan created an animated video from the dialouge of that Breaking Bad scene.

Next up another TV show with a passionate following (my my personal favorite), a special treat for Doctor Who fans from Google Maps -- and it's bigger on the inside. When I see Doctor Who things pop up, I immediately think it's there just for me, but this has been extremely popular throughout social media. In the show, a classic blue police box known as the TARDIS is the main character's way of traveling through time and space. It's one of the iconic parts of the show, and so is the idea that it's bigger on the inside.

In real life, there is a police box on the corner of Earls Court in London outside of a Tube station. This being the show's 50th anniversary, Google has made that real life police box a special spot on google maps. When you click on it you can go inside and have a real walk about through the TARDIS. For fans of any age it's a real treat:,-0.192994&cid=12502927659667388442&panoid=LYc4W_m-BJQAAAQIt-IsCQ&cbp=13,121.56930908213091,,0,0&ved=0CA8Q2wU&sa=X&ei=jkYMUvqCENGOxQHBh4DYCg&gl=US&hl=en

And finally I always like to leave on an app. This one is from the founders of YouTube. It's called MixBit and it is very similar to Vine or Video on Instagram. Now to step back a bit, Vine and Instagram video are both ways to record and post very short videos within those social networks. Vine is roughly 8 seconds and Instagram is roughly 15 seconds. While you can pause the video once you start to record, it does film in a straight line so to speak.
MixBit, from the YouTube founders, is different in the sense that it allows you to edit your video. They call it remix, but us TV people call it editing. You can film your different shots and then rearrange which order the final product plays in. The idea is to then upload it to their social network.

Check it out here or download the app on your device:

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