DAYTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Elaine and Don Lariviere own a horse farm that runs programs for children with autism. To run that horse farm, they need hay. To bail the hay, they need a rake. That rake was stolen, but it's been returned.

That has brought renewed hope in humanity for the family, especially as Don undergoes cancer surgery Thursday.

The rake was stolen on Tuesday. Elaine says while it was returned sometime between 1:30 and 6:30 PM that same day, it's absence cost them two days of bailing hay for the 31 horses in their stables.

Elaine says this specific rake saves them hours of manual labor in the fields- time they could use on other chores and relaxing, especially while Ron copes with cancer.

They don't know why someone stole the rake and they don't care at this point. All that matters is that it has been returned without damage. The only change to the equipment is the hitch was lifted to attach to a truck, which is higher than the hitch for a tractor.

Now, Elaine and Don are staying optimistic about Don's surgery at Maine Med on Thursday. It will be a long day, but Elaine hopes it will be an end to their troubles and a step toward curing Don's cancer. If not, she says they have good vibes that everything will work out. After all, she says, Don can live with one kidney.

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