CLEVELAND, Ohio (WKYC) -- During the summer, Patricia Barley's kids are outside for hours on end. "My kids spend a lot of time on the driveway," Barley says, estimating during warmer months their play can last several hours in the morning and several more in the afternoon.

The Barley family's driveway is asphalt, or "black-top," and due for seal-coating.

Patricia Barley had not heard about studies linking a particular type of sealant with a human carcinogen.

"I had no idea," Barley says. The sealant in question contains "coal tar pitch," a byproduct of the steel-making industry.

Michale Pemberton, owner of Unique Paving Materials, says you can tell coal tar by its smell.

"There's a very strong vapor that comes off the coal tar," explains Pemberton who stopped using the sealant two decades ago. "When you put coal tar down, it an really burn you if you get it on your skin," Pemberton adds.

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