AUBURN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Tree Street Youth program was started in downtown Lewiston to provide after school homework help for low-income, at risk youth.

Today, about 150 students are a part of the program, taking advantage of the various educational and social programs.

More and more, outdoor outings are becoming a part of the Tree Street program.

Teaming up with the Androscoggin Land Trust and Warden Service, the students are learning how to fish in the Androscoggin River, paddle in kayaks, and go camping in Acadia National Park.

For many of the students, it's the first chance they've had to explore the outdoors.

All of the Tree Street Youth students live near the downtown Lewiston center on Howe Street. They come from diverse backgrounds, and many are from Somali refugee families.

According to Director Julia Sleeper, the program is integrating more outdoor activities because of the life lessons the students can learn, such as patience and perseverance.