AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Maine CDC confirms the fox that bit 3 people in South Portland Tuesday was indeed rabid. If you think you were exposed, call 1-800-821-5821.

Thefox was cornered, captured and killedTuesday in South Portland.

Before the animal control officer put the fox down it had approached at least six people, attacked five and bit three. This all happened in a very busy section of the city near Clark's Pond and the Maine Mall area. That had police anxious to track it down before it came in contact with more people. They did finally catch up with it after it walked into the lobby of an insurance agency on Western Avenue.

"It did follow someone into the lobby and they were able to get into their space by kicking it off, so it ended up just hanging out in the lobby", said Kim Johnson of Kilbride and Harris Insurance.

With the fox corned the animal control officer was able capture it. It was then taken out back to a small field and shot. Earlier in the day the fox bit a contractor after jumping through his truck window while the vehicle was parked at Home Depot. It also bit two people who were camping in some nearby woods.

"It just latched onto my leg and I stood up like oh my god and ran to the car as it was still biting me", said Taylor Conway.

The remains of the fox were taken to a state laboratory in Augusta where they will be tested for rabies. The results should be back within 24-hours.

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