SCARBOROUGH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A pet store is under quarantine for the second time this year after a puppy purchased there tested positive for a dangerous virus.

Tina Bark of Westbrook purchased a nine-week old puppy from Little Paws last week. After the dog became ill a vet diagnosed it with Parvovirus, a potentially fatal and highly contagious disease. Little Paws was quarantined by the state for the same illness back in February. Store owner Barbara Clark says she has no way of knowing where the dog contracted the virus.

"All we know is in two weeks we'll test all of our dogs and see if anyone has anything." Clark said."As of right now, I don't have one dog throwing up and I don't have one dog with diarrhea so that dog has been out of our store for eight days so it should be popping up some time soon if it's going to."

Tina Bark says she has learned that there isn't much the vet can do for her puppy to cure the disease.

"I was absolutely horrified," Bark said. "I had never heard of it before but everything the vet was telling me was that really there's nothing they can do for her except for supportive care."

The group Maine Citizens Against Puppy Mills plans to protest outside the store on Saturday morning. Barbara Clark says she only gets her dogs from reputable breeders.

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