DESTIN, Mississippi (WDAM) -A young Hattiesburg boy became a hero on what started out as a regular family vacation.

Ten-year-old Austin Beach was swimming in a Destin hotel pool when he noticed something sinking toward the bottom of the five and a half foot pool.

"I didn't want her to drown," said Austin. "I knew she was drowning."

While Beach was swimming with his family, a four-year-old Atlanta girl jumped in the pool unattended. After trying for what hotel security cameras show as a two minute struggle to stay above water, the girl begins to sink to the bottom.

"I was on the side of the pool helping my daughter with her goggles, and I turned around, and I said, 'Austin, look! That lady's picking up a little girl, she's blue. I think she drowned!'", says Austin's mother Kelly Beach. "And Austin said, 'Momma, I just pulled her out of the water.' I had not noticed that this whole thing had even happened."

Austin dove down and pulled the girl to the surface of the water. After carrying her to the pool steps, he caught the attention of a woman nearby who proceeded to perform CPR while paramedics arrived to the scene. The young girl was then airlifted to a children's hospital where she was treated. The girl is now in stable condition.

Austin's mom says he did not want to speak to media "unless they start a prayer chain" for the young girl.

"I was not surprised that Austin would do something like that," she says. "From the day he started talking, you could tell he had a heart in everything he said."

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