SCARBOROUGH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- By now, we all know that having smoke detectors in our homes can help prevent fire deaths, however,statistics show that most homes don't have enough working smoke alarms.

The Scarborough and Falmouth fire departments were able to secure a federal grant that allowed them to purchase a number of smoke detectors, that they're willing to install in homes in their communities: free of charge.

Studies have shown those most at risk for dying in a fire are: children,seniors, and the deaf or hearing impaired, so one thing they really wanted to do was make sure they invested in smoke detectors that are specifically designed for the deaf community.

They strobe, or even shake your pillow, butthey're usually expensive; the fire department is offering them up for free.

If you're interested in a home inspection or any of the alarm systems, you can set up an appointment with either Scarborough or Falmouth by calling (207) 730-4298.

For more information about the Silent Call alarms, click here.

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