(NEWS CENTER) -- For most Mainers, dealing with a heat wave means running a window unit air conditioner rather than a central air system that is more commonplace in an area that deals with oppressive heat on a regular basis.

This week's Angie's List reportbrings up another option...ductless air conditioner units. These units are a split design, consiting of an evaporator in the home and a condenser outside. It uses tubing rather than the duct work in your home to connect the two.

While these units are considerably more expensive than window units and central air systems, they are much more efficient.

Air conditioning units or systems are given a SEER rating by the government, which tells a consumer how efficient that unit is. The standard is 13 SEER, which is what most window units run at. Ductless units can reach 20.5 SEER.

Simple maintenance, which entails keeping the filters clean, helps the units to continue running efficiently.

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