PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A prosecutor from Hancock County has been suspended for 30-days for violating several bar rules including engaging in conduct unworthy of an attorney.

It's the first time a recommendation has been made by the Maine Board of Overseers to the Bar to suspend a prosecutor.

The case revolves around a former Gouldsboro man charged with raping his wife.

During her prosecution of the case the panel found that comments Mary Kellett made during her closing argument were prejudicial against the defendant and that she failed to turn over at least two key pieces of evidence to the defense. Today she admitted her mistakes.

"I want to acknowledge I made errors in the prosecution of the Vladek Filler case. I accept full responsibility for my misconduct and I regret the harm that my mistakes caused", Assistant District Attorney Kellett told the court.

Vladek Filler was convicted of Gross Sexual Assault in the case but was granted a retrial by the Maine Supreme Court.

In the second trial he was found guilty of the lesser charge of assault and acquitted of rape.

Filler has consistently maintained that his wife fabricated the rape allegation in an attempt to gain custody of their two children as their marriage deteriorated.

He was disappointed in Today's developments. He wants Kellett disbarred.

"I am pleading with this court for justice. My life, my irreparable suffering and that of my 2 children over the past 6-years must mean more in our society than one abusive attorney's license", Filler read from a statement.

While Kellett will have the mark of being suspended against her, she will not have to serve the suspension. Supreme Court Justice Ellen Gorman suspended it, meaning Kellett will be able to continue her work as a prosecutor for the District Attorney's Office. As part of the agreement Kellett must take 6-hours of legal education courses.

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