PORTLAND, Maine(NEWS CENTER) -- Justin DiPietro, the father of Ayla Reynolds, the little girl who disappeared from DiPietro's home nearly two years ago, was arrested last week on a charge of domestic violence.

According to police records, officers were called to88 Spring Street in Portland justbefore midnight on Sunday, July 7th.

Portland Police say a lieutenant passing by observed Dipietro assault a woman. Officials say that Dipietro and the woman were arguing when he grabbed and pushed her. The victim is a 25-year-old Portland woman who police say is an ex-girlfriend of Dipietro. She was not injured in the assault.

Dipietro is charged with domestic violence assault and has been released on bail.

DiPietro gave officers the home in Waterville where Ayla disappeared back in December of 2011. DiPietro, his girlfriend, and his sister were all in that house when something happened to Ayla. She was never found.

State Police still maintain that DiPietro and the two women were not as forthcoming with information about the night Ayla disappeared as they could have been.

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