(NEWS CENTER) -- Flying by balloon sounds like something you would only hear about in cartoons or in a movie, but this idea is becoming a reality to one man in Caribou.

Jonathan Trappe is waiting for the right weather before he attempts a Trans-Atlantic crossing by cluster balloons and make aviation history.

Jonathan Trappe has developed a redundant system of 370 balloons attached to a gondola which could take him across the Atlantic Ocean in roughly three to six days, weather permitting.

Trappe needs just the right weather before he can take off in his cluster balloon. He needs low-pressure systems over the Midwest and Europe, and a high-pressure ridge over the Atlantic.

Being susceptible to wind, Trappe says "I don't know where I'm going, when I leave the warm arms of Caribou. I can't tell you what country I'll see next, what language they'll speak, what currency they'll use. I cant tell you the continent."

Trappe has been collecting volunteers to help inflate the balloons in a 12-hour "inflation" process before he takes off for his final destination; the unknown.

Intern Rachel Boudreau was the primary writer on this story.

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