BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- The armed standoff that a New York man stands accused of causing Thursday morning at an apartment building in the city's downtown also caused a tense situation for his neighbors.

Those who live in the same building as 43-year-old Perrin Oliver say they had to evacuate their apartments once police say he began firing shots from the building at 47 Park Street. The building is two floors high with about 4 apartments on each floor.

Several neighborssaid on Friday thatthey didn't know Oliver very well but they had never had problemswith himbefore. Neighbors say Oliver had been living in his apartment for only the last few months with his girlfriend and their child.

Once the shots started police evacuated people from the building through the back door and windows.

"I suppose it was pretty hectic," said Yuri Trusty, who lives on the same floor as Oliver, "didn't really quite know what to do...didn't grab shoes...ended up grabbing a water bottle and clothes...that was it."

Officials with the Penobscot County District Attorney's Office say Perrin Oliver has no criminal history locally. They say he does have a past history in New York state which includes a complaint for possession of a firearm.

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