ORLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- A group in Downeast Maine has launched a campaign to help preserve a very scenic spot in Hancock County.

For years hikers have been able to climb Great Pond Mountain in Orland. At more than 1000 feet highthey can see views stretching all the way over to Penobscot Bay.

Conservationists say parts of the mountain are on private land, which means as of now they could still be used for development.

Members of the Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust don't want to see that happen. Back in 2007 the group was able to purchase about 4,300 acres on the mountain. Members are now looking to buy the summit from landowners, which they say will cost about $750,000.

"The present owners have been allowing people to hike it recently but we have no guarantee if it isn't in the trusts hands that it would be available forever," said David Gross, who is the president of the Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust, "this will be available forever for public recreation and to protect this beautiful property."

So far the trust has collected more than $400,000 in donations from about 50 donors. A matching grant for what he public gives could help the group reach its goal.

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