PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Natural Resources Defense Council isn't giving Maine beaches a high ranking when it comes to water quality. Maine is ranked 27th out of the 30 states it analyzed in a report out Thursday looking at the number of times beaches had advisories or closures because of poor water quality. Overall, 11-percent of the beach water samples collected in Maine exceeded national public health standards in 2012.

At the bottom of the list, Goodie's Beach in Rockport which had the highest failure rate at 44 percent. Laite Beach in Camden and Riverside Beach in Ogunquit followed, each with a failure rate of 26 percent.
Meanwhile there are 10 beaches that didn't fail a test last year: Scarborough Beach, Lagoon Beach in Georgetown, Mile Beach in Georgetown, Drake's Isle Beach in Wlls, Footbridge in Ogunquit, Fort Foster-Pier Beach in Kittery, Willard Beach in South Portland, Moody Beach in Ogunquit, Wells Harbor, and Half Mile Beach in Wells.

The NRDC says Maine had more water quality problems last year than the year before, and it's probably the result of all the rain we got. Storm water runoff is a big factor in beach water pollution. It's one of the reasons the city of Portland has a 15 year plan to improve its combined sewer overflows.

The NRDC is pushing for more federal funding of beach monitoring programs, and of programs to clean up storm water pollution. Melissa Waage of the NRDC said, "Our goal is to make sure that that program's improved as much as possible and federally funded, so people are getting the most accurate, up to date information to protect themselves."

You can find out if many popular beaches are under advisory or closed by going to the Maine Healthy Beaches website.

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