PORTSMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The new Memorial bridge connecting Portsmouth and Kittery reached a major milestone this week. Monday the 300 foot center span was floated down the Piscataqua River and lifted into place.

Crews have been working on finishing details on the bridge, including testing the lift. A large fence surrounding the site was also removed so work could begin on the approaches to the bridge.

Since then cars, pedestrians and folks on bikes have have tried to cross the bridge, thinking that it had opened to public. Several people told contractors that they didn't see the signs and barricades, others were just following their GPS and didn't realize the bridge was under construction.

'For some reason people have felt the invitation to drive through or walk through so we are very concerned because we don't want people to hurt their feet, trip over something that it is in the road,' said Denis Switzer, the contract administrator the New Hampshire DOT.

The Piscataqua River remains closed to upriver traffic until one o'clock Saturday morning as crews on cranes hook up electrical, mechanical connections. No date has been released on the official opening of the new Memorial bridge, transportation officials expect it will be open by late July.

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