BIRMINGHAM, Michigan (WDIV) --For two decades, this man collected millions scamming the families of people who were sent to prison.

Now, that's where John Wilson is going to go forks quite a while.

A man whose false promises and fake personas finally caught up with him.

Perhaps you asked him for legal help at the courthouse or ran into him thinking he was a police officer on the beat.

Now the great impostor is in prison.

From Birmingham, Michigan John Wilson ran a legal aid business that was nothing more than a scam, promising prisoners' families he could reverse their convictions and get them out for a price, taking families for a total over $2 million.

He was preying on people who hoped for a better future for their family, hoping that whoever is convicted will get out.

He often would wear a uniform to avoid speeding tickets and to intimidate adversaries.

And then Dr. Wilson, appearing in phone books as an MD., and showed up at a local hospital in scrubs to try to impress people.

"How do these people live with them shelves?" one woman asked.

"Hopefully they'll spend time in prison for shattering the hopes and dreams of grandparents like me.," said another woman.

I'm 69, on a fixed income. I had my hope crushed and my son's hope crushed.

The victims will be glad to hear that he was sentenced to 20 years in prison and will have to pay $2 million in restitution.

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