SCARBOROUGH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --The Cancer Institute at Maine Medical Center has undergone renovations. The center held an open house and celebrations of life at their Scarborough Campus Thursday night.

A sticker that says I'm a survivor...
A watering can.
And some seeds.
This is not your typical open house, but a celebration of life.

"It was going very well up until 2 years ago when it returned in the same spot."

Breast Cancer that has hit Linda Nickersontwice in the same breast, so she decided to have them both removed. "And I'm glad that I did." Turns out in her other breast there were pre-cancerous cells.
"So it was a very wise decision on my part."

Cancer free and tour passport in hand, Linda begins a new journey - accompanied by her husband.

"We've spend some time here over the last several years so it's nice to see all of this coming about and what the changes are."

Rooms at the children's center are new. Personalized for kids, like the students Linda teaches in the first grade.

"It's the unknown so much that causes fear. 'Oh I've been there. I can see this. This is where we're going.'"

There are some new faces.

"When you're sitting in my chair it's not all business all the time. Sometimes it's sports. Could be anything. I'm from the county, I've got all kinds of stories."

And some old faces that have helped Linda survive.

"This is my point person. And Sammy's here too. And her son Sam who was a student of mine."

After a last goodbye.. Linda's tour is over.

"This is very emotional."

One that's visited the past and visualized the future.

"Hopefully I never have to use this. But you know, there could be a time and I know that."

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