ALFRED, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A change of plea in a murder case from last year. Michael Swenson of Old Orchard Beach entered a plea of guilty to murder stemming from the stabbing death of Roger White.

Swenson and White had been drinking together at a bar in town in April of last year. The next day White's body was found under a pile of old mattresses in empty lot in downtown Old Orchard Beach.

Swenson claims that White had been taunting him and the two left the bar to settle their differences. The state claims the stabbing may have been premeditated. Under an agreement Swenson's sentence would be capped at 40-years. The state intends to push for the full 40-years when Swenson is sentenced next month.

"My understanding was Roger wan an easy going guy, a nice guy and Michael Swenson was angry that night, he was intoxicated and I don't know exactly why he killed him but I do think it may have been part of a robbery" said Prosecutor Lisa Marchese.

Members of Roger White's family said they were satisfied with the agreement and the sentence that the state will recommend.

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