DALTON GARDENS, Idaho (KHQ) -- A company based in Dalton Gardens, Idaho have created "Jihawg" ammunition.

The concept is to defend against Islamic extremists and create "Peace Through Pork".

According to Islamic law pork is unclean. Anyone who is considered unclean must go through a cleansing ritual. No unclean person will be accepted in to paradise after death.

Jihawg claims to get to the root of extreme Islam & Jihad by putting the idea of paradise in doubt of extremists.

Jihawg has a listed address in Dalton Gardens, Idaho.

KHQ stopped by the address but there was no storefront and it was just a mailing address. According to the company's website it says "Jihadist's fear being defiled by pork.

Jihawg ammunition promotes peace through the natural deterrence of pork infused ballistic coating."

KHQ also reached out to the company.

We spoke briefly with a spokesman who said the company was looking in to an attorney and a public relations firm to handle media inquires and could not give a comment.

KHQ also contacted the Spokane Islamic Center but messages were not returned.

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