PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER)- This will be the last semester that the Portland Adult Education School on Douglass Circle will be open. The building's ceilings are caving and leaking and the floors are bowing more with each footstep. However, the school is actually building hope for the students who consider this to be their second, or even third, chance at life.

There are three sessions a day for adults, allowing anyone with children and jobs to find the time to take a class and improve their lives. The classes range in level from English literacy to getting a GED. Many of the graduates continue their studies after this school at colleges around the country.

The building has been slowly decaying for years, but problems escalated when the furnace broke this past February. When Spring came, the rain poured through the roof, making the administrative offices unusable.

The current solution to the problem is not the best for administrators. Half of the 1,100 students per semester would relocate to the bottom floor of Portland High School. For one student from Iran, he said this will remind him of his 11 years in Iranian jail. He was tortured in the basement there.

The remaining students would go to Cathedral School. The administration offices location is yet to be determined. Administrators say it would be best if everyone was together. That would make the ideal learning, and teaching, environment for everyone.

The school is open for suggestions. If you know of a better spot, preferably in downtown Portland, you are welcome to make suggestions on the Facebook page, "Friends of Portland Adult Education."

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