DAMARISCOTTA, Maine(NEWS CENTER) - If there was any doubt state government is headed for a budget showdown, Governor Paul LePage removed it today.

The Governor toldNEWS CENTERa state government shutdown would do less damage than allowing the proposed budget to become law. This comes as the Legislature is about to take its first votes on the controversial plan.

The proposed two year budget rejected some of the cuts the Governor wanted, and raises taxes -- something he definitely doesn't want.

The Governor told NEWS CENTER the budget is a "bad document" and he won't sign it, regardless of the threat of a state government shutdown on July first if there is no budget. "I think a shutdown is less painful and less damaging than signing a bad budget," THE Governor said during an i8nterview in Damariscotta. He called the proposed budget "horrific".

The Governor was scheduled to meet with Democratic leaders Wednesday afternoon to talk about pulling several items out of the budget and passing them immediately, to ensure certain programs don't run out of money this month.

House Republicans were reportedly meeting away from the Statehouse this afternoon to talk over the budget and see what they're going to do when it comes up for a vote.

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