FREEPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Shopping locally and supporting small businesses can happen in your jammies while you feed the dog, even if you're taking a trip to the bead store.

Heather DeSimone became a bead shop owner because she loved to make jewelry. Over the past two decades being a business owner, she's gotten away from that original love. She's hoping to get back to it soon though, now that her storefront in Freeport has moved primarily to her website,Facebook andTwitter pages. The Beadin' Path will no longer have regular business hours on Main Street, but it will be open 24/7 online. DeSimone's company also has a warehouse at the former Sparhawk Mill in Yarmouth where customers can continue to see beads and other materials in person. It's a jump she's ready to take, and hopes her evolving audience will adapt to this change.

"I feel like it's an extension of what we already do here, and in a way what we'll be doing from our warehouse and office space," DeSimone said. "It's like, I can be typical store merchant that when someone walks into my store I greet them, and ask them how their daughter is doing. I think if you're a good small business store owner, that's what you do."

Heather says the transition from a storefront on Main Street in Freeport to a mostly online business took time to develop. If you're considering making this change for your own business, it's important to slowly incorporate an online presence before making the big switch.

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