LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Mayor of Lewiston is calling a meeting with landlords and Pine Tree Legal Services to discuss problem tenants, and a new ordinance that would impose fines for disorderly conduct calls.

Mayor Bob Macdonald said this meeting is part of his effort to "clean the city up."

"We have these out of state landlords and out of town people that could care less about this place," said Mayor Macdonald.

"Well you know what, we live here, we care about it, and you're going to start caring about it too, because otherwise, it's going to cost you a lot of money."

Macdonald is proposing the city adopt an ordinance that fines landlords when police respond to multiple disorderly conduct calls at their property.

He said this will hold landlords accountable for the people living in their buildings, and improve the quality of the neighborhoods.

In addition to discussing this ordinance, he hopes landlords will be able to work with Pine Tree Legal Services better.

Pine Tree often represents evicted tenants in court.

"If we work together, it would be much better," said Don Poisson, President of the Lewiston Auburn Landlordss Association.

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