(NEWS CENTER) -- Life is full of change. Some people embrace it. Some loath it. Either way, when we make changes on The Morning Report, everyone seems to notice. And we hear all about it.

Every time I change my hairstyle, I get emails. A few years ago, when Lee and I switched seats during a redesign of our studio, we were flooded with emails and calls.And it happened again a couple of months ago when we updated our on-air graphics and music.

On Friday, May 31, I made a big change in my personal life when I married Rick Vaznisand became Sharon Rose Vaznis (I'm keeping "Rose" so that I will still share a name with my daughters).And as of Thursday, June 6, I'll start using my new name on air.Believe me,aftergreeting you allas Sharon Rose each day over the last 17 years, it will be a big adjustment for me. But it's one I embrace whole heartedly and I hope you will, as well.

But that's not all...

Just to complicate matters, my husband has analias. He also goes by the name Jericko Rose. I couldn't make this stuff up! In fact, my friends and followers on Facebook already know him by that name. You see,Rick is a songwriter and musician. Jericko Rose is his musical pen name. It's, in part, a tribute to his late mother who was a music teacher and whose first name was Rose. True story.

One other note, especially for you longtime Mainers. If the name Vaznis sounds familiar, it might be because the family has roots in the Millinocket area. And yes, Rick's uncle is the legendary Dave Vaznis, the center on the Stearns High School basketball team that won the New England Championship in 1963.

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