MURRAY, Utah (KSL) -Doctors at Utah's Intermountain Medical Center are celebrating a first: a heart and liver transplant in the same patient, during one operation. It's the first transplant surgery of its kind in the state of Utah.

The patient, Mike Mader, is just 31 years old and has a genetic disorder that caused him to have 18 heart attacks over the past nine years. But five weeks after his surgery, he has hope for a normal life.

"I just never knew what to expect, just always the thought of a sudden cardiac death," Mader told reporters at a press conference Thursday afternoon. Once fearing every day could be his last, his future is now bright.

"He looks terrific. If you passed him on the street, you wouldn't know he had a transplant," said Dr. John Doty, a heart surgeon at Intermountain Medical Center. "When we walked in this morning, we did a little double take because he looked so good."

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