If you're child needs braces get ready to spend thousands of dollars. even if your insurance covers a portion of the cost.

In this week's Angie's List report, how to plan for the cost of braces.

Kelsey Vergon and her two brothers have all worn braces or retainers.

Their mother was surprised by the cost.

Tamara says, "Orthodontia can be expensive. My husband always jokes that that's his motorcycle in their mouths. The motorcycle that he won't have now for a while. They were all about the same and the total was right around $18,000 between 18 and 20 thousand for all three. So it was very expensive."

Angie Hicks says, "When planning for the cost of braces you need to think about the entire process of getting braces. A lot of times people think about the cost for the braces alone, but there could be dental work that needs to be done ahead of time so keep that in mind. Do they need any teeth pulled or a deep cleaning? Also, don't forget a lot of times after braces there is a retainer that children need to wear as well and if they lose it, you're going to add that to your bill as well."

Orthodontist Dr. Robert A Stoner says: "All patients get retainers when the braces come off. Most patients get removable retainers and they wear the top retainer full time for about six months to a year and I have them wear the bottom retainer every night."

Tamara says:, "My son had taken it out and covered it with a napkin and just forgot, and we ran back in and we did go through the restaurant garbage, and we did find it and sterilize it and it do upset him that he never lost it again. So... but we've had... I think our dog got ahold of it as well. I don't recall which child it was, but it was left on a nightstand and the doctor's office had warned us that this could happen, but we didn't think our dog would do that, and he did do that."

And finally... keep in mind... that when you choose an Orthodontist... price isn't the only thing to consider.

Angie Hicks says: "Also check the credentials of the orthodontist. How long have they been practicing? Are they are member of the American Board of Orthodontists? And do they accept your insurance. These are all important factors in making your decision."

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