BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Paul Wilbur was a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps during World War II. He's able to share his story with students that go to school in the same building that he did when he was young.

"The kids are very interested in what you have to say of course we try to tell them, give them some idea of what the war was all about and try to teach them respect for the flag and the country and so forth. It's a wonderful program," said Wilbur.

"He'sour senior volunteer now and holds the record for second largest number of interviews with children and he's going strong so he may well come out numberone here before we get through," said Galen Cole, founder of the Cole Land Transportation Museum.

Wilbur has spoken to more than1,400 children since the program first began. "It's really interesting to see what they had to say the war and their life experiences and how hard it was and they had to endure. we learned about WWII in advance but our veteran went into depth on all the weapons and things they used," said 8th grade student Ian Nagle.

Wilbur's father was a World War I vet, but he never thought of interviewing him.

"Inever did, i never did. It never occurred to me to do that," said Wilbur.

But he knows what he'd ask if he did.

"What questions wouldI ask? Probably what made them go into the military, things of that nature i suppose, i mean all of a sudden you're faced with war and so something had to be done," said Wilbur.

Wilbur encourages students of all ages to take the time and talk to members of their family who served for their country.

"If any student can interview, if they have family of veterans, it'd be super to interview them like they do here," said Wilbur.

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