AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -Governor Paul LePage said Monday he was trying to work with the Legislature on Sunday, but wasn't given the chance to talk.

The Governor went before the Appropriations Committee Sunday afternoon, after committee members had questioned two top members of the Administration about a Medicaid budget problem.

The committee chair said Gov. LePage could talk with them afterwards, but that wasn't the answer the Governor wanted. He told the legislators ".. its unfortunate but the people of the state of Maine are being played for patsies".

Leaders of the Appropriation Committee say they had already agreed on a way to deal with the Medicaid budget issue, and didn't want the Governor to "politicize" it.

On Monday, the Governor said he simply wanted to give the committee information it needed, and suggested they need to listen to him more often: "If you want to have a better and more prosperous state," said LePage, "you need to make tough decisions. I've been willing to do so, nobody else has. And that's the facts."

Democratic legislative leaders say they're continuing to work on the budget issue, and Appropriations Committee leaders say they're committed to getting a unanimous, bipartisan budget agreement.

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