RIPLEY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Army First Sergeant Malcolm Dulac grew up in Dexter and went off to serve in Korea and Vietnam. He was serving as a member of Company A, 1st BattalionMechanized,in the50th Infantry on May 5th 1968 when he was killed during an ambush.

It happenednear the villages of An Bao in Binh, North Vietnam. Dulac was killed while attempting to save his soldiers from a burning Armored Personnel Carrier.

45 years later, Fort Benning Georgia decided to honor Sergeant Dulac, by naming the new Alpha Company Barracksinhis honor. Earlier this month they held a naming ceremony for Dulac Hall. Sergeant Dulac's younger brother Stanford, who lives in Ripley,was there, and says it was quite an emotional event.

"There was one gentleman, he just could not talk to me without crying and a couple hours later he came back and tried it again, and that's how emotional these band of brothers were," explained Stanford Dulac.

Sergeant Dulac was awarded the Bronze Medal of Valor and the Purple Heart, among many other commendations. According to newspaper accounts at the time of his death, Sergeant Dulac was the first casualty of the Vietnam war from the town of Dexter.

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