PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Portland Police Department wants to know if its residents feel safe in their communities.

The department has teamed up with the University of New England to create an online survey for Portland residents to take.

It's an anonymous way for community members to give the police feedback on whether their presence is working, if they feel like crime is a problem in their area, and if so, the type of crime they see.

Assistant police chief, Vern Malloch, says they'll compare the results of the survey to their own data on crime rates in specific neighborhoods, and this will help them see if they're missing something.

Malloch says they want everyone to take it, and he means everyone; from new residents, to the homeless, to those living in shelters, if they can access a computer.

Police say the survey should be available to take online for the next few weeks. To take it, click here.

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