(NECN) -Maine's lighthouses serve as beacons to both passing boats and people...drawnto their strong yet simple beauty.

One is harder to find than most. Built in 1907 Robinson's Point lighthouseis on Isle Au Haut, a remote Maine island 6 miles off shore in Downeast Maine.

The island is home to just 40 year round residents. They welcome visitors,but the island's only bed and breakfast--the keeper's house--closeddown 5 years ago and went up for sale.

Marshall Chapman, a geology professor who returns each summer, didn't wantit to stay dark.

"I have a burning desire to keep these old things alive and going and have otherpeople enjoy the experience," Chapman explains.

Chapman was worried a new owner may not have that same desire.

"I was afraid someone would buy this place, tear it down, put up a mini mansion and a heliportand completely ruin the experience for people."

So, he bought it and now both he and his new staff are working to get theKeeper's House open for guests next month.

Julie Greenberg and her husband Tracy will both be caretakers of the inn.

They've given up life on the mainland to move to the island.

"Everybody needs an adventure once in a while," says Julie, "and this is what it is."

It will be a bit of an adventure for guests as well.

There are no flat screen TVs, no jacuzzi tubs, the point is to experience life at the lighthouse 100years ago.

That means limited electricity, homemade water, and cozy but pretty rooms with views.

"Lying in bed and listening to the waves lapping on the rocks is pretty idyllic" says Julie.

It's the only lighthouse in Maine that is also a bed and thatwill force you to unplug and focus on your surroundings.

Marshal says that's a draw. "The maelstrom of constant contact, people wanting a piece of you from either your cell phone oriPod's or iPad's... that's gone."

Leave those on the mainland, hop on the mailboat and Marshall will pick you up inthe 1928 Model A Ford.

"Life can be lived in a simpler way."

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