LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- At one Lewiston elementary school, the students teaching one of the toughest subjects in school: bullying prevention.

High School students from the Lewiston Youth Advisory Council have designed an anti bullying campaign called Keep in Mind, Be Kind -- and they're teaching other students at Montello Elementary School. They went to sixth grade, third grade, and kindergarten classrooms with lesson plans designed to get the kids talking to each other about the bullying issue. The school already uses a bullying curriculum from the Department of Education -- but the young kids seem to respond when listening to big kids talk about bullying.

"It's important for these kids to share with the other kids because it's their friends," said Matt Chasse of the Lewiston Youth Advisory Council. "They'll be listening more, than with an adult. Because with an adult, most of the adults are role models. But since their friends are telling them what to do, they might listen a little more."

Raul Martinez, a sixth grader, tells NEWS CENTER, "It's a big problem in general, and I think this program probably did a really good impact in this school."

The youth council gave the students stickers and bracelets with the "Be Kind" slogan.

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