ELLSWORTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The city of Ellsworth is getting ready to celebrate it's 250th year this summer, but students at the Ellsworth Middle School decided to get a head start on Friday.

Student's from 5th to 8th grade have been researching the city for months as part of an assignment they were given in honor of the sestercentennial. They discovered everything from what buildings were first built there during it's earliest years, to how it got it's name. They compiled all their findings into several different presentations that they made during school today. It wasn't just about putting their knowledge to paper though, many of them also wore their best colonial outfits for the occasion, which was a hit with several of the middle schoolers.

"I like to put myself in other people's places and see how it feels and especially since I got to see how their lives were, I thought that was really cool," said 5th grader Bronwin Beardsley.

The creativity that showed up during the day in theform of dresses and old suit coats didn't make Carl Lusby's job any easier. He organized the assignment as well as judged the presentations.

"We're not looking for winners," said Lusby. "They all have gained from having this experience and that's what it is really all about."

Ellsworth will be having it's sestercentennial celebration from July 20th to the 27th. For a full list of events you can visit the website

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