SACO, Maine (NEWS CENTER)- A city owned park in Saco has been the site of some disturbing incidents this week.

The Cascade Falls Park is designed for families, but the activities discovered there this week have been anything but family oriented. Now police are working to take back the park.

Police say it appears that word has been circulating that the park is a place to meet for sexual encounters. They say they're now determined to put an end to that by having both uniformed and undercover officers patrol the area.

Yesterday police say 64-year old Allen Hahn approached an undercover officers and grabbed him in the crotch area. He's charged with unlawful sexual contact and assault. Two days earlier police investigated another disturbing incident.

"I think the officers were surprised to come across somebody completely nude, in the middle of the afternoon, in a family area like that", said Saco Deputy Chief Jeffrey Holland.

After a brief foot chase police arrested 54-year old Daniel Latham of Yarmouth and charged him with indecent conduct.

Police say they expect their stepped up patrols and the publicity surrounding the arrests will prevent further incidents.

Both men arrested this week are free on bail. They are both due in Biddeford District Court on July 10th.

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