FRYEBURG, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The fate of the Fryeburg police department will be up to voters who will get to decided if the department stays or goes.

Residents gathered enough signatures to put the issue on a ballot in June. Voters will be asked whether they want to disband the department in favor of contracting with the Oxford County Sheriff's Office.

The department currently has six full time and ten reserve officers. Some residents say they lost faith in the department following an investigation last October. A Portland law firm looked into allegation that two Fryeburg police officers attended a party with underage drinking. The probe was prompted by anonymous letter and several photos that were taken at the party.

'I don't feel like they are out to do their job to protect everyone. I feel like they're more doing it for themselves,' said Bethany Keaten a Fryeburg resident.

'Getting rid of the police department I believe is not a great idea, I see it causing more problems because the sheriff's department is as far out as it is.

A public hearing will be held at six o'clock Thursday night at the Fryeburg police department. Voters will cast their ballots on the issue on June 11th.

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