BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Law enforcement agencies from across the state are being recognized in honor of National Crime Victims Week.

A ceremony was held in BangorThursday morningto highlight the criminal impact on victims of crime and to recognize federal, state, county and law enforcement officers who brought justice to five different cases in Maine. They were awarded by United States Attorney for the District of Maine, Thomas E. Delahanty II.

"The ones that were recognized here today are those who did something unusual, did something extra and worked extra hours to bring someone to justice," said Delahanty.

Those includedState Police, Local agencies, Game Wardens, Border Patrol and even our four legged heros. None of whom put their lives on the line for a pat on the back, but were humbled by their recognition.

"It's truly a huge honor to be honored by the US attorney, and just to be thought of by their attorneys, by the victims involved," said Lt. Wesley Hussey with Maine State Police.

Others who were recognized included: Detective Richard Caton, IV, Special Agent Christopher Durkin, Detective Kelly Hooper,Patrol Agent Sean McDonough, Officer Gerald Hammond, Dorsta(K-9 Police Officer), Kinsman Corthell and Special Agent Chase S. Ossinger with the U.S. Customs, Detective Duane H. Cloutier, Robert W. Fritsch. Other recipients included those representing the Millinocket Police Department, East Millinocket Police Department, Penobscot County Sheriffs Office, Maine State Police, and Maine Warden Service.

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