AUBURN, Maine(NEWS CENTER) - All of America's former Presidents, along with President Obama, gathered in Texas today for the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Center. And on that stage in Texas, along with all the Presidents and First Ladies, were their chairs..all hand-made in Maine.

The Thos. Moser Furniture company of Auburn has built a number of pieces of furniture for the Bush Presidential Library, including twenty of the company's Harpswell Chairs. It was those chairs that were at center stage for the ceremony.

Thos. Moser is well known in Maine for its customer residential furniture, but co-owner Aaron Moser says it's also made furniture for libraries and other public buildings around the country. Laura Bush asked the company to do the work, which included desks, reading tables, and conference tables as well as the chairs. People at the company say having their designs in a Presidential library is quite an honor."It's amazing," said Moser. " I have goose bumps. Really very proud, the whole family is."

Moser says it took four to five months to make all the furniture. About a dozen craftsmen in the plant focused full-time efforts on those pieces. And this isn't the first time Moser chairs have been connected to the Bush White House. The company had previously made two chairs for a visit to the White House by Pope Benedict in 2008.

Those chairs were similar to the ones on stage today.
And we're told those papal visit chairs are now part of an exhibit inside the museum at the Bush Center.

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