FRYEBURG, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- If it's April, it must be mud season. And forest rangers around the state are finding people going mudding in their trucks are doing some serious damage to trails.

The Burnt Meadow Snowmobile Club spent $3,000 smoothing out a trail in the Brownfield Wildlife Management Area just two years ago. But someone has been in there with a truck since mud season started, creating deep ruts in the mud that will make it impossible for snowmobilers to use the trail next winter until they're fixed.
Forest rangers say this is a problem all over the state, and they aren't sure the people going mudding know the damage they're doing.

Forest Ranger Gregg Hesslein said, "I think they're just coming out here in 4 wheel drive trucks and having fun and slinging mud, and I don't believe they believe that it's costing 3 grand, 6 grand in labor and so forth."

State wildlife biologists also say that this kind of trail damage harms the ecosystem, as runoff seeps into vernal pools, making it difficult for frogs and other wildlife to spawn.

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