SCARBOROUGH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Early Tuesday morning, law enforcement officials from across the state gathered in Scarborough to process down to Cambridge, Massachusetts for the private memorial service of fallen MIT police officer Sean Collier.

150 officers from Maine joined other officers from around the country to pay tribute to Collier. It was a sea of blinking blue lights as one by one cruisers filed out of Cabela's parking lot. The mood was somber and reflective as officers from nearly every county in Maine were reminded of the dangers of the job that they signed up for. Every person in the procession wore a band of mourning as a symbol of Collier's heroic acts.

"The thin blue line, that's where Sean stood," Maine State Police Trooper Mike Edes said. "He stood the thin blue line protecting everybody including my family, your family, everybody. He was out there doing his job and got killed because he was a policeman. That was the only reason that they murdered him. He was a police officer. He happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Many officers said that it didn't matter what Collier's exact position was of the fact that he didn't work in Maine; the brotherhood of the force knows no boundaries.

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