PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A building boom, coupled with a major utility upgrade, has the city experiencing somegrowing pains.

Four major hotel projects are currently in the works in the downtown, along with several condominium buildingsin various stages ofconstruction. Work also continues onthe $30 million renovation of the Cumberland County Civic Center, and there areamyriad of other rehabilitation projects large and small scattered in neighborhoods throughout the city.

Add toall thatanother year of utility work aimed at replacing old cast iron, natural gas lines and the city is a buzz with the sounds of heavy equipment.

"It is a great time for downtown Portland," exclaimed Jan Beitzer, executive director of Portland's Downtown District. "What a great problem to have, $150 million worth of economic development investment in downtown Portland at this point."

City developers hope that after the utility work wraps up it leads to even more development.

Utility work is expected to wrap up in time for the start of the tourist season on Memorial Day Weekend.

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