BOSTON, Massachusetts (NEWS CENTER) - A young man from Gorham has contributed tens of thousands of dollars to help the marathon bombing victims, thanks to an idea he and a friend came up with at Emerson College in Boston.

A few blocks away from the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Boylston Street, Nick Reynolds watched the horrific images of the bombings unfold from his room at Emerson.

Moments later he and his friend Chris Dobens thought of the words Boston Strong. The idea was to make a t-shirt with those words, using the Boston Marathon colors. Their goal was to sell 110 of them and donate the proceeds to the One Boston Fund. A week later they had sold more than 35-thousand and took in a half million dollars.

"It's hard to imagine 35,000 shirts out in the world. You know people wearing them. It's really cool we're really excited about that part of it. People wearing Boston Strong everywhere", Reynolds said.

He says the biggest thrill he could get would beto see his shirts lining the route of next year's Boston Marathon. The shirts go for $20. you can get them through a Facebook page Nick and Chris have set up. Go to

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