BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Over the weekend, Governor LePage wrote an opinion piece urging gun manufacturers to move their companies to Maine. Both the governor and economic developers are stressing is that this has nothing to do with gun control, but about jobs.

TheLePageadministration works with Portland based non-profit Maine and Company to bring companies to Maine all the time, including gun manufacturers. The state already houses several gun manufacturing plants. As many states add stricter gun laws big name companies are looking for new places to move. Maine and Company speaks to several hundred companies a month.

In a time where Maine's economy is struggling these companies would need workers, including skilled workers like welders.

President Peter DelGreco with Maine and Company said, "You have companies that are offering their employees the ability to not just have a job, but to build careers. And to build careers that allow them to support families that can just kind of strengthen everything that it is about the community and about their lives. And just provide for their next generation of people that are coming so you're just building these opportunities for individuals."

As of February of this year the department of labor reports more than 57,000 people were unemployed in Maine. We asked some of you on Facebook what you thought about the idea and almostall responseswere positive.

Samantha Irish of Bridgton said, "Thank you, Governor LePage. In the midst of all the controversy over gun rights, you are not afraid to stand up for the people of Maine. Seeing an opportunity to bring business to our state and add jobs is a bonus."

Darcie Mae of Solon said, "The more jobs in Maine where the money stays in Maine the better. Out of state people build companies here and we get some of the money to help our state."

DelGreco said, "I think we should be a little less focused on the industry and more focused on the skills. The skills in my understanding are welding and machinists and things like that. In any industry if you need those types of skills those skills are embedded into the fabric of workers here in the state."

Another successful business that Maine and Company brought to Maine- was AthenaHealth in Belfast. Last week they celebratedfive years at the location and has opened up more than 550 jobs to Mainers.

Some possible gun manufacturingcompanies are Beretta, Colt and Magpul.

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