CAPE ELIZABETH, Maine(NEWS CENTER) - The bombing at the Boston Marathon is leading organizers of the Beach to Beacon 10K in Cape Elizabeth to re-think their own security plans.

The Beach to Beacon drew more than six thousand runners last year, and an estimated ten to fifteen thousand spectators. This year's crowds are expected to be just as big.

Cape Elizabeth Police Chief Neil Williams says they always take security issues seriously, including the possibility of bombs. But he says the experience in Boston will definitely make them review all those plans and procedures.

"Will we have to look at that (explosive devices) in a more concentrated way?", asked Williams during an interview? "I think we will. This will be a learning experience for us to take an event such as this and learn from it."

Williams says the Beach to Beacon already uses sixty police officers for security and traffic control. Most of them are from other towns and cities in the area, since Cape has just 13 officers of its own.

He says they may need to recruit more officers and increase the number of police involved. Williams also says the Beach to Beacon will lean heavily on race director Dave McGillivray -- who is also the race director for the Boston Marathon.

McGillivray and a number of his staff members come to Maine to manage the Beach to Beacon race, so the two organizations have a very close relationship. Chief Williams says he and other local organizers will wait to talk with McGillivray before making any major security decisions or changes.

This year's TD Beach to Beacon will be run on August 3.

The following is a statement from Dave Weatherbie, President of the TD Beach to Beacon 10K Race Committee, re: the tragic events in Boston:

"On behalf of the TD Beach to Beacon 10k race committee, I want to express our deepest sympathies to the victims, their families and friends, and all of those who were affected by the tragic events at the Boston Marathon yesterday. This is a sad and difficult time for the running community. The TD Beach to Beacon 10k has a close relationship with the Boston Marathon. We share the same race director, Dave McGillivray and his team at DMSE Sports, and a large contingent of runners and volunteers take part in both events. Our race founder, Joan Benoit Samuelson, first made her mark in the running world at Boston, and we also share a host of race dignitaries and race officials. The pain of what occurred in Boston is both fresh and deep. For that reason, and out of respect for what took place there, it is too soon to discuss with any specificity the impact of that tragedy on the TD Beach to Beacon10K. That said, we want to assure all of our race participants, volunteers, and staff that we will implement and execute security measures to provide a safe and positive experience for everyone.

The following is a statement from Joan Benoit Samuelson re: the Boston Marathon:

"Tragedy trumped triumph in Boston on Monday. However, the human spirit and the strength of runners and our sport will prevail in good time amidst the aftermath of this senseless and horrific act. My heart now beats for those lives lost and for those whose stride will forever be challenged."

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